Video Testimonials

Sean Young

Just before his second birthday Sean Young was diagnosis with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). CF is a genetic, progressive disease that fills up the lungs and other parts of the body with a dangerous, thick mucus. If not treated and monitored consistently CF is fatal and at the time most patients with CF did not live […]

Vance Sharp III

Family man Vance Sharp III was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2005. When his condition got worse there were few health options at his disposal. Thankfully, the California biomedical industry had developed a medical device that saved his life.

Evaleen Minez-Harris

Soon after Bay Area resident Evaleen Minez Harris gave birth to her twins she was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a disease that inhibits blood from properly pumping throughout the body.To help save her life, Evaleen quickly had a LVAD HeartMate 3 implanted, a device that helps blood pump throughout her body.

Jeff Finerman

Thanks to California’s biomedical industry, Jeff Finerman beat cancer and is alive today. California policymakers should protect this life saving industry and not pass short-sighted policies that could harm innovation or R&D.

Deborah Goldberg

California native Deborah Goldberg was diagnosed with colorectal cancer almost four years ago. The research and development provided by California’s biomedical sector was essential for Deborah’s road to recovery. Deborah and patients all over the state of California count on these critical treatments to live healthier and longer lives. Meet Deborah Goldberg, one of the […]