Faces of California Biomedical Innovation:

Deborah Goldberg

California native Deborah Goldberg was diagnosed with colorectal cancer almost four years ago. The research and development provided by California’s biomedical sector was essential for Deborah’s road to recovery. Deborah and patients all over the state of California count on these critical treatments to live healthier and longer lives. Meet Deborah Goldberg, one of the many faces of California biomedical innovation.

Deborah’s insurance covered the state-of-the-art treatments she received in her fight against colorectal cancer. But many across California and the country are not as fortunate, and do not have access to such comprehensive coverage. Rising copays and deductibles are often roadblocks when patients like Deborah seek treatment. Because of this, Debora urges California policymakers to champion policies that ensure access to effective and affordable care that helped save her life.

Deborah’s story highlights the importance of pursuing policies that protect the innovative treatments delivered by the California life sciences industries. Do you have a story like Deborah’s you would like to share? Share here! Together we can take steps to ensure that Californians have access to life-saving and life-sustaining treatments.