Faces of California Biomedical Innovation:

Jeff Finerman

Thanks to California’s biomedical industry, Jeff Finerman beat cancer and is alive today. California policymakers should protect this life saving industry and not pass short-sighted policies that could harm innovation or R&D.

Policymakers in California Should Protect Biomedical Innovation & the Next Generation of Cures

“It’s vitally important for California legislators to protect biomedical innovation & continue to be an advocate for patients” –Jeff Finerman

California Policymakers Should Protect Access to Care

“If I didn’t have access to innovative therapies developed by California biomedical innovators, I wouldn’t be here today.” – Jeff Finerman

What Policymakers Need to Hear about the Value of California Biomedical Innovation

“I’m alive today because of the technologies and therapies produced by California’s biomedical sector.” – Jeff Finerman