Faces of California Biomedical Innovation:

Vance Sharp III

Family man Vance Sharp III was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2005. When his condition got worse there were few health options at his disposal. Thankfully, the California biomedical industry had developed a medical device that saved his life: a LVAD HeartMate 3. A LVAD is a left ventricular assist device that helps blood pump throughout the body. Vance and his family turned to the innovative technology developed in California when there was little hope left. Without this technology, Vance Sharp would not be alive today.

Vance can now live a high-quality life. He can golf, go out with his family, and enjoy the golden years with his wife, Monika. Vance is here to share his story and urge policymakers in Congress and Sacramento to protect the life-saving and life-sustaining treatments coming out of California. Vance knows these devices saved his life and wants to ensure they continue saving lives in the future. 

“I’m on life support…but I don’t feel like it.” Vance shares his journey, and his appreciation for the technology that has come from life sciences research and development in California. Watch Vance’s full story and hear how the California biomedical industry is saving lives.

Together we can take steps to ensure Californians have access to life-saving and life-sustaining treatments. Click here to help spread the word about Vance’s powerful story.