Faces of California Biomedical Innovation is a campaign that brings the voices of patients impacted by the biomedical community in California to the forefront. Leading the way, patient voices make it clear that the biomedical sector and the innovative treatments and medtech being developed in it, are essential to a healthier California and world.

Faces of California Biomedical Innovation showcases how people in California are being impacted by life-saving treatments coming out the of the California biomedical industry.


6 days ago
Deborah Goldberg is here today because of innovative solutions developed by the #biomedical community in California. She hopes policymakers continue to protect R&D in this life-saving sector. #FacesOfCABiomedicalInnovation #CALeg

12 hours ago
Join us for an interactive conference where we will discuss about the impact of the GDPR for non-EU Life Science industry. #SanDiego

5 days ago
CLSA was recently featured in @statnews regarding #SB1121, a critical bill on @JerryBrownGov's desk to protect #clinicaltrials & patient research in #CA. Article outlines CLSA's digital campaign in support of the bill and the need for the #CALeg fix.
CLSA - California Life Sciences Association
CLSA - California Life Sciences Association1 day ago
Press Release: California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) Applauds Governor Jerry Brown for Signing #SB1121, Legislation That Protects Clinical Trials and Patient Access in California. #CALeg


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