Faces of California Biomedical Innovation is a campaign that brings the voices of patients impacted by the biomedical community in California to the forefront. Leading the way, patient voices make it clear that the biomedical sector and the innovative treatments and medtech being developed in it, are essential to a healthier California and world.

Faces of California Biomedical Innovation showcases how people in California are being impacted by life-saving treatments coming out the of the California biomedical industry.


3 days ago
Vance wouldn’t be here today if not for the ground-breaking biomedical innovation coming out of California. Visit the new Protect Access and Innovation website to learn how you can help patients like Vance. #FacesOfCABiomedicalInnovation

2 days ago
The life sciences sector recognizes prevention as a key step in making #CA a healthier place to live. This #CancerScreenWeek talk to your friends, family, and healthcare providers about cancer screenings. Learn more and find easy-to-use resources below

2 days ago
Fact: California’s innovative #medtech sector employs 77,000 people working to bring new technologies to patients. Learn how medtech is enhancing patient safety throughout the development and distribution of new technologies. #ImplantFiles
CLSA - California Life Sciences Association
CLSA - California Life Sciences Association2 days ago
Did you know? California life science companies have over 400 medicines in the pipeline to treat #cancer. Every day, CLSA members like Genentech & many others are working tirelessly to fight back against cancer and bring more life-saving therapies to patients. #CancerScreenWeek


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