Faces of California Biomedical Innovation: Mother of Two, Evaleen Minez Harris, Survives Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Thanks to California-Made Medical Device

Soon after Bay Area resident Evaleen Minez-Harris gave birth to her twins she was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a disease that inhibits blood from properly pumping throughout the body. To help save her life, Evaleen quickly had a LVAD HeartMate 3 implanted, a device that helps blood pump throughout her body.

Evaleen can live like a normal mother thanks to the research and development coming out of California’s medtech community. She can look forward to a long life watching her twins grow up because she had access to her LVAD Heartmate 3. Thankfully Evaleen is here to tell her story, and to urge policymakers in Sacramento and Congress to protect access to care and innovation in biomedical industry. To her, it’s critical that that patients continue to have access to life-saving treatments and medical devices – like the one that saved her life.

Together we can take steps to ensure Californians have access to life-saving and life-sustaining treatments. Use the share buttons to help spread the word about Evaleen’s powerful story.

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